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protein oatbran

Well, this past weekend went by way too quickly.  Bob and I enjoyed a mini vacation in Florida with my parents.  I experienced Naples for the first time, was treated to lunch at my favorite salad bar: Whole Foods (thanks Mom and Dad!), and went for a daily run amongst the palm trees.  It was heaven.

The tough part, however, was going from this:

Whole Foods Naples

Naples sunset


To this:

Chicago cold

Coming home to a wind chill advisory wasn’t exactly welcoming.  *sigh*

While in Florida, I was happy to help in the kitchen as much as possible, and enjoyed preparing a couple of the dinners.  Some of the things I made were:

We enjoyed some amazing wine with dinner.  The Whole Foods there had the best selection I’ve ever seen!!  I couldn’t believe how different it was from “my” Whole Foods.

I also introduced my Mom to my favorite breakfast:  protein oatbran.  I gave a little tutorial on how I cook the oatbran with egg whites, cinnamon and chia seeds.  Then I add some blueberries or banana, and top my breakfast with some almond butter.  I made her bowl extra special.

protein oatbran

It was a wonderful and relaxing weekend–the perfect break in the middle of a Chicago winter.


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  1. says

    Haha Exactly how I felt upon coming back from Mexico! Thank goodness you made it back safely and all. My friends parents are delayed in Europe right now due to the snow :S

    Ooh my! I want some of that protein oatbran 😛 I’ve tried adding egg whites to oatmeal but never oat bran ^^

  2. says

    I have some oatbran…I should make that recipe. I’ve used it to make a pumpkin recipe before and am always looking for more. BTW, that heart is super cute. Glad you had fun in FL and i love the sunset picture. I have never been to Naples (my family lives on the East coast) so the BOY and I are looking forwrad to Sarasota in a few weeks. Stay warm this week!!!

  3. says

    Aww, what a great mini-vacation! I do not envy you with your cold weather at all… we will most likely be heading back to the northeast in the next year, and I’m bracing myself for the winters. Brrr! Love your oat bran bowl for your mom with the heart. :) I still need to try the egg white- oats mixture. I’m hoping my daughter will go for it, too…

  4. says

    Aaah looks beautiful! Trust me, I know how awful it is to go from super warm to super cold from one plane ride. Least you got the little break!

  5. says

    The weather in LA has been insane too. We were at like 40 degree days for weeks and then BAM, last weekend was 80. I was like for real?! Its January!

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