Apple Picking Success!


I finally had my first experience apple picking!  And I loved it.  Jeff, Marla, Bob and I went to Valley Orchard, which is located near Rockford, IL.  From Arlington Heights, it took about an hour to drive there.

As soon as we arrived, the skies opened up and buckets of rain began to fall.  We hung out in the Valley Orchard barn/store for a bit.

In the store, we found tomatoes and squash to bring home, and goofed around with finding our favorite quotes.  I really enjoyed that this apple orchard was quaint and everyone was friendly and welcoming.

Finally, the rain subsided, and we were able to venture out into the farm.  Check out Jeff’s photography skills (on his iPhone!) for this awesome picture:

Is there anything better than picking an apple off the tree and immediately biting into it?  We roamed up and down rows of apple trees, and picked lots of those that tasted the best.  :)

 We came home with Senshu (my personal favorite), Yellow Delicious, and Jonathon apples.

I can’t wait to try out a few new recipes with all that I brought home!  In anticipation, I’ve already pinned a bunch of ideas.

Since I’m not much of a baker, I still have my eyes set on this:


Have you been apple picking?  Let me know if you have any fantastic apple recipes, or link up in the comments!

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      Thanks, John! Looks like a good recipe. And I already have all the ingredients except the butter–but Marla has been telling me to try Kerrygold, so this might be the perfect time! Or, I bet using coconut butter would be a fantastic substitute. The recipe I linked to in this post happens to be paleo, too!

      • says

        Awesome John! I’ve got lots of plans for all the apples we brought home but I pinned this for sure.

        And Michelle, since you’re familiar with coconut butter I think it’s a good time to try Kerrygold! :)

    • says

      They said senshu were like Fuji, which are my personal favorite, so I was happy. :)

      hmmm…grilled cheese and apples, interesting. I was planning on trying a Paleo bread recipe this week so I just might try that! :)

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    I LOVE apple picking and go almost every year. It’s just not fall without it! Glad you had a good first experience. And that photo Jeff took is amazing. Breath-taking, really.

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    I looked up places near me and there weren’t any. I am guessing Louisiana is too hot? I will definitely look up a place when I go home to Georgia and visit family! Your pictures captured some beautiful scenery! And I love the apple list!!!!!

  3. says

    I just saw on another bloggers site that they did apple picking this weekend as well. I’ve never been, but it seriously sounds like such a great time!!!


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