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Bob and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary last weekend. Actually, our anniversary was in June, but we really wanted to see Les Miserables at the Cadillac Palace in Chicago, so we had decided to make the tickets our anniversary gift to one another.

We had a great time, and the performance was outstanding! The matinee show started at 2:00 pm, so Bob and I took an early train into the city and decided to test out a new-to-us place for lunch: The French Market.

Located across the street from the Ogilvie Transportation Center, the market specializes in offering all sorts of organic and/or local produce and food. There are numerous vendors, each of which have their own niche.

Bob ordered a soup and sandwich combo from The Spicy Monkey Soup Co. I was drawn to trying a lunch at RAW.

The reviews on Yelp! were so overwhelmingly positive, that I was having a hard time deciding what to buy. Luckily, one of the owners, Carol, was behind the counter and offered to let me taste-test a few of the items as I perused all the choices.

I tried the guacamole, lemon bar, carrot cake and muffin . . . all of which were raw, and all of which were very good!

The menu included collard burritos, pizza and garden burgers. There were fresh juices and smoothies available, too.

First, I narrowed it down to the salad choices.

I finally decided on the Garden Fresh Salad, which is one of their best sellers. Doesn’t the kale salad look incredible, too? It was such a tough decision!!!

All in all, I really enjoyed The French Market, and definitely liked RAW. Since it’s so close to the train, I know I will be back to try more from their menu! Hopefully soon!

Have you ever been to a raw restaurant? This was my first time eating at a raw restaurant, and while I don’t eat a raw diet, I do enjoy the cuisine!

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    What a great day!! This looks wonderful. I saw Les Mis years ago. I hope you had a terrific anniversary. The restaurant looks really great. I used to watch videos by a girl who posted on youtube about transforming her life with a raw food diet. It was just amazing to me. She would even make raw pizza! It sounds pretty intriguing!

  2. says

    I went to the French Market a couple times – I really need to go to Chicago more, it’s embarassing to have such a great city in our back yard and not take advantage of it! Sadly, my husband would be happy never to go to the city, so I use my sister, Mom and daughter for trips!

    I guess my expectations were too high for the place – but I know if I was on the train every day, I would have definitely taken advantage of the meat counter.

    I have to say though, you lost me at collard burritos!! Happy belated anniversary!!

  3. says

    Those salads sound TASTY! And you and Bob look so adorable! That photo had me grinning. I’m glad you enjoyed the show–I love Les Mis. Happy anniversary (six months early!)

  4. says

    Congratulations to you and Bob!!! Such a cute pictures! What a fun way to spend it. I think I’m going to try to recreate that salad, too! Yum!

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