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Automatic double row bar pill making machine

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Main functions

       ZWJ-Z-Automatic double row bar pill making machine is a newest product based on customers suggestions and our companys rich experience in making TCM( Traditional Chinese Medicine) pill making machines, which are suitable for production of pills of mixed paste lump with soft plastic. This machine is applicable for production of different types of water pill, honey pill, Tibetan medicine pill, Mongolian medicine pill etc, particularly effective with medicine material of poor stickiness. Its characterized with efficient productivity, high rate of finished products etc.

Operational Theory

      Put mixed and uniformly-refined paste lump into bunker of pill-making machine. Through pressing of reserve turning bed and propeller, drug stick comes into being from bunker nozzle. Sliced into two pieces by new cutter an. Old cutter operates every 360 degrees while new cutter with two edges operates every 180 degrees, which is only half the period of old one. With two row bars stirring inside, thus time spent on stirring preparation is reduced and productivity is increased by twice as before.

Technical characteristics

1reasonable structure, stable performance, low noise, easy operation, automatic operation, easy to clean and maintain, high productivity, made of stainless steel, in compliance with GMP certification.

2 This appliance is constituted of slivering, cutting and pill-rolling, which can be adjustable and easy to operate.

3 This machine applies two strips from one side, upper strip is automatic, which is free of labor assistance and does not cause dislocated strips.

4Pill-making stirring production is of high accuracy and abrasion resistance; surface of subbing roller is specially handled, free of sticky medicine, alcohol spray, power spray or oil drops. Pills are bright, shiny and round.