Friday’s Five

Martin Ray Pinot Noir

Happy Friday!  I’m off to Florida for the long weekend!  Bob and I will be vacationing with my parents until Monday, and we cannot wait.  This little trip comes at a perfect time, as temperatures around here have really dropped lately.  But before I go, here’s my weekly round-up:

Friday’s Five

1.  Who knew an old set of ice cube trays that my Mom had could be so useful?!?  

greek yogurt ice cubes

I’ve used them to save basil, leftover wine, and this week I filled a few cubes with greek yogurt.  I think they’ll do a great job at making extra creamy green smoothies.

2.  Back around Thanksgiving, Bob and I randomly bought a bottle of wine because it was on a fantastic sale.  We decided to open it this past week, and LOVED it.

Martin Ray Pinot Noir

We’re usually big fans of Russian River Valley pinot noirs, and this Martin Ray was no different.  In fact, it was one of the best we’ve had in awhile.

3.  I thought this was a good list of some functional dumbell exercises.  I already do a few of them, but I also found a few new ideas!


Do you incorporate functional exercise into your workout routine?  I haven’t always, but now I do.  I appreciate how the movements strengthen muscles that I use day-in and day-out.

4.  Maybe you’ve already seen this . . . I tend to be a little behind on things that go “viral” and such.  Bob and I were mesmerized by this guy’s skill.  Holy cow!

5.  Something to think about (saw this on Katie’s blog):


Have a fantastic weekend!  :)

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  1. says

    You just blew my mind. Greek yogurt ice cubes?! I feel like I should have thought of it. Can’t wait to try it! Especially since I’m new to the smoothie bandwagon :)

    Have fun in Florida! Get some tan for me!

  2. says

    You picked the perfect weekend to get away – this morning the windchill was -10 when I woke up!

    And great idea about making yogurt ice for smoothies- totally stealing that idea!

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