Friday’s Five

donut peaches

Happy Friday!!  I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and spending time with friends while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Also, Sunday is National “Wear Red Day” in support of women’s heart health.  Be sure to represent!!

Friday’s Five

1.  Doesn’t this look delicious?  Melissa posted this recipe, and I’d like to try making it sometime soon.  I love Pinterest for keeping all these great ideas organized.


2.  Thirteen reasons to start bodyweight training!  I liked these reminders that you can strength train anywhere and why you should.  If you are without a gym or equipment, you can still strength train!

3.  Have you ever heard of a donut peach?  Me neither.

donut peaches

Of course, I had to buy one.  Luckily, they’re tiny, so even though the price looked outrageous, it only cost $.45.  It was worth it!  Quite delicious–it reminded me of a white-fleshed peach.

donut peaches

4.  Here are few of my own healthy appetizer ideas for the big game on Sunday:

5.  Something to think about:


Have a great weekend!  :)



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  1. says

    I slept over at my p’s last night and my mom was saying that her friends told her that I should get my posts on pinterest. Too funny! I don’t even know how to do that : ) I saw those peaches at Mariano’s. I love that you always try new foods. I need to start picking up some new things when I see them!

  2. says

    Those peaches are so cute! I love that quote… I am so impatient with my life. I spend most of the time wishing time to go by faster instead of taking the time to enjoy things or let them happen at their own speed.

  3. says

    I love donut peaches! They are so cute! I pinned Melissa’s recipe too! She and I are local blogging friends and both doing the paleo challenge right now so I’ve been stalking her Paleo recipes lately :-) Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. says

    I swear every time I go to the farmers market I see a new produce Ive never heard of in my life. Not gunna lie, my bestie and I go just to eat all the samples. Yummy way to start our morning :)

  5. says

    That scallopini does look delicious! Maybe ’cause I’ve been craving zucchini as of late, but it’s been so pathetic and expensive at the grocery store. I had a donut peach once and wasn’t impressed, but I don’t think it was ripe enough–it was a little hard and flavor-less. Definitely a fruit I’d give a second chance!

  6. says

    LOVE that quote at the end. That is definitely something I need to remember at times.

    I have seen doughnut peaches, but never tried one…which is shocking because I (as you seem to be) am the type of person who buys anything weird or unusual she can find!

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