Friday’s Five: Trader Joe’s Staples


TGIF!  I thought I’d share five of my favorite items at Trader Joes’s.

While I love way more than five items in that grocery store, these are five staples. I swing by once a week and these items are always in my shopping cart.

1. Organic broccoli slaw. TJ’s has the best price on organic broc slaw that I’ve seen. I use it to make my weekday salad lunches.20121101-180718.jpg

2. Pistachios. Bob and I eat a freakishly large amount of pistachios.  We can knock out a bag almost every week. So. good.


3. Organic Apples. I pack an apple for both Bob and I every day for an afternoon snack at work. That’s 10 apples, just for Monday through Friday!  Again, you can’t beat TJ’s price. And their price is per item, so yes, I hunt for the biggest apples I can find!

4. Salsa: Specifically, Fire Roasted Tomato. I LOVE salsa. This one has fantastic flavor with no added salt.


5.  Dark Chocolate.  Bob’s a huge fan of their 72% dark, while I love their 85%, or my new find: Stone Ground Extra Dark. Totally heavenly.

Do you shop at Trader Joe’s?  Any staple items that you have to get there?  I used to always buy their nut butters (both peanut and almond), but since I started making my own, I haven’t need to!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. says

    I usually make a weekly stop too. Always in my shopping cart… salsa, brussel sprouts, roasted garlic bell peppers, and cooked grilled chicken. Tons of fruits and veggies go without saying. Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    Interesting….the organic apples at TJs are only 69 cents where I live….weird how that works. I love TJs- I buy their coffee (organic is cheaper there), frozen veggies (again, cheaper for organic than at other stores), the chicken wrapped dog treats (charlie’s obsessed) and their rice crackers (love them). I’ll have to try that salsa!

  3. says

    You know what I love from TJ’s? Their frozen orange chicken – you bake it and it comes with a sauce that you toss the cooked chicken with – when my daughter lived at home, we loved eating that! I go to the TJ’s in Lake Zurich – I don’t really go in that direction too much now that there is a Fresh Market in Crystal Lake -sure worth the drive though!

  4. says

    MMMMMMMMM! My staple items at TJ’s are organic pasta sauce (great price!), pasta, yogurt, turkey jerky, apples, veggies, meat- chicken sausages, chicken, beef, etc., DIP (a new thing!), chips, wine, nut butter………basically the whole store!! I don’t go very often, so when I do, I always buy a lotttttt! They have such fun foods! i also tried their multigrain waffles recently which are fabulous! I feel a lot better giving the boy those than him eating Eggo waffles!


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