Have you had a Peppadew?


We had a fabulous time listening to James Taylor perform at Ravinia on Saturday evening.  But even better was spending time with good friends, relaxing outside on a beautiful summer night, and being able to “cheers” with the birthday girl.


One of our friends made a unique (to me) appetizer that I just have to share.  Because it was amazing!  Incredibly simple and perfectly paired . . . it requires only two ingredients:

Peppadews and goat cheese.

Directions:  Stuff the Peppadews with goat cheese.  Finished.  :)

Does it get any easier?  Or, the better question: Does it get any better?!?  Wow–it was delicious.  A little heat from the pepper combined with the sweet, creamy goodness of goat cheese.

I had never had a Peppadew, so naturally, we googled it right away.  It turns out that Peppadew is actually a brand name of sweet piquanté peppers, which are grown in South Africa.  In the United States, the peppers are pickled and found jarred or at the olive bar in some grocery stores.  The pepper itself is slightly sweet and spicy.

If you’ve never had one, keep your eye out for them.  Yum.

Do you have any two-ingredient appetizers/desserts to share?  I love almond butter stuffed dates for an easy dessert.


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    Looks yummy – I’m not a huge goat cheese person, but I bet these would be good with feta too. I think I could put feta on anything.

    I’ve made a cake dip dessert before, but it’s three ingredients – yogurt, cake dip, and cool whip. So delicious!


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