Prepping Lunches For the Week


Well, we’re definitely back to work over here.  Full-time.  Busy, busy, busy.

One way I try to keep my sanity and ensure that I always have a healthy, delicious lunch is to prep everything ahead of time.  So, on Sunday, when I’m making my lunch anyways, I go ahead and pack lunches for the entire week.

Or at least the “base” of my lunches.  Salad!

I use whatever produce I happen to have, and then layer the salad so the heavier items are at the bottom.  The final component at the top is spinach or mixed greens.

This arrangement has never let me down–Friday’s lunch is just as good as Monday’s!  :)

I prepare 5 salads in grab-n-go containers.  All that needs to be added is the protein and healthy fat.

For the healthy fat, I use my homemade salad dressing (that I keep at work), avocado, and/or nuts of some sort.

For protein, I’ll usually grab a serving of beans that I cooked over the weekend, leftovers (usually chicken or bison), a can of tuna/salmon, etc.

If you are away from your home at lunchtime, do you pack something?

Does anyone have a great salad dressing recipe?  I’m looking to change it up a little . . .   :)


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    Even though I am a stay at home mom I could totally benefit from prepping my lunches at one time. Salads can actually be time consuming to make with chopping veggies and such so this would take the work out if it.
    Do you do anything special to keep your veggies tasting fresh? I always worry that they will be wilted by the time Friday rolls around.

    • says

      Nothing besides that I do my grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday, and then prep everything on Sunday. So everything is as fresh as possible. But that’s it! Oh yeah–and the layering–heavy items first, mixed greens and/or spinach last. :)

  2. says

    Hi Michelle! WOW! I am impressed with your super well stocked and organized fridge! I thought I was good at prepping for the week but you just blew me out of the water AND I am definitely using some of your tips and tricks!! I don’t enjoy prepping for lunch but getting it all done on Sunday is a great idea. Oh! And for dressing I don’t make my own but I absolutely LOVE Annie’s dressings (Goddess, Balsamic, Raspberry) – they’re all amazing (and vegan – yay!).

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    Your salads look delicious and fresh! When I was working full time, I’d sometimes make a huge pot of chili on Sunday to eat for part of the week. It definitely helps a lot to prep ahead of time!

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    You could always unfreeze some of your basil and make a healthy dose of pesto to top your salads. Add a bit more oil than normal to make it more liquidy or add some lemon juice to it for a little more of an acidic kick.

    My mom and grandma always used the same homemade salad dressing: olive oil, apple cider vinegar and a touch of water, mix that with garlic salt and black pepper and it was the only dressing I used until I started to venture out a couple years ago. :)

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    I pack mine and my husbands lunch every morning for work. We usually do some type of sandwich or wrap combo, but also incorporate salads or ways to use the leftovers from last night. I love throwing whatever meat and veggies are left from the night before on a salad or in a wrap!


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