Slow Cooker French Onion Soup = Wow!

slow cooker French Onion Soup

On a recent Friday’s Five post, I mentioned wanting to make Caramelized Onions in my slow cooker after seeing it on Monica’s website, The Yummy Life.


Well, Monica ended up posting a Slow Cooker French Onion Soup recipe a few days later . . . that was a spin-off of the caramelized onions.


Whoa . . . it sounded delicious.  So I tried it!  And boy, was it ever good!

I followed her directions exactly (but used entirely low sodium broths).  Bob even insisted that we pick up the “special cheese”:  gruyere.  And while it turned out that I didn’t particularly like that cheese (so I just used a bit of parmesan on my bowl), the onion soup itself was outstanding.

I started by caramelizing the onions in the slow cooker, just as she directed.

And then, turned those onions into a french onion soup.  Absolutely delicious.

Can you believe that Bob had never had french onion soup before?!?  Turns out that he loved it.  French onion soup has always been one of my favorites, so I was in heaven having made it from scratch.  It was most definitely worth the time, and really, the slow cooker does all the work for you.

If you’re interested, Monica’s tutorial is excellent.  Enjoy!

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    I was just talking about making French Onion soup with some friends yesterday. I’ve never heard of doing it in the slow cooker…I’ll try it. Local onions are in abundance right now. So good!

  2. says

    Wow! What a great share, thanks! I’ll have to make Angus try this with me. Looks AMAZING. I tried making french onion soup for us from scratch on Valentine’s day this year and it was (more or less) a total failure, so I’ll definitely give this a try.

    • says

      Definitely try this out then. Because it was insanely good . . . and relatively easy. You just have to plan ahead–I caramelized the onions all day on a Sunday, finished making the soup Sunday night, put it the fridge, and we ate it for dinner Monday night. :)

  3. says

    I know you probably won’t be surprised by this comment and what I’m about to say but.. girl, you’ve done it again. Another delicious recipe :)


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