Some Weekend Entertainment


I found the cutest t-shirt while perusing the shops in Estes Park.  It spoke to me.  I had to splurge on it!

We also had another round of Barramundi for dinner (hey, it was still on sale!).  This time, I marinated the fish in a horseradish mustard.  Fifteen minutes in the oven, and our main entree was finished.  We both really liked how this turned out.

As much as I love simple and fast meals, I am starting to look forward to being back home in my own kitchen.  Can’t wait to try out some new ideas–and actually have all the ingredients and tools I need!

And some weekend entertainment for you . . .

My husband brought this to my attention.  I grew up playing the piano and violin, so I thought this was fun!

Happy weekend, everyone!  :)


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