Black Bean Burgers


There are millions of recipes floating around for black bean burgers.  I’ve tried a bunch, and usually just pick one that calls for ingredients I already have on hand.

As I mentioned before, I wanted to make some black bean burgers this week.  They were inspired by a recipe found in the cookbook, Peas and Thank You, by one of my favorite bloggers.  I made some changes based upon what I had available (no tahini), ingredients that needed to be used (quinoa flour instead of oat flour), and for the sake of a little experimentation (decided to go gluten-free with the entire recipe, so used tamari).

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Kick the Can


I keep reading warnings about BPA from the lining of cans.  Unfortunately, products that advertise “BPA-free” tend to be pretty expensive.  Therefore, I’ve been moving towards using canned goods less frequently.  For example, I used to buy canned beans on almost a weekly basis.  Now, I buy the dried organic beans in bulk, and prepare them myself.

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