Raw Summer Fruit Crisp


I’m not a big fan of making desserts . . . especially for other people.

See, whenever I try to make a dessert, I find myself on a mission to make it healthier.  Every once in a while, it works out.  Usually, though, it just tastes . . . . healthy.  If you know what I mean.

And that doesn’t bother me (heck, I’m a happy camper with a bowl of fresh fruit), but it doesn’t always go over well with everyone else.

However, the dessert I concocted for after dinner the other night was a winner!  Everyone loved it, and it was healthy!  Shhhh.  Don’t tell anyone.  Just give it a try!

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Cold Quinoa Vegetable Salad and Trader Joe’s find!


Look what I found!!!  When did that happen???

All I know, is the Trader Joe’s I visit on a weekly basis never had chia seeds before.  After returning from Colorado, I stopped in to do some shopping . . . and there they were!  Awesome.

In other news, my parents invited Bob and me over for dinner . . . to meet their new puppy, Laddie!!!  They brought him home two days before we left for Colorado, so we didn’t have a chance to see him until now.  He’s adorable!!!

I offered to bring an appetizer, but I didn’t have time to visit the grocery store.  So, my “recipe” had to come from whatever I had in the house.  It turned out to be pretty tasty!  You can really use whatever veggies are lying around–this is just what I happened to find.  :)

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie


After making chia gel for the pictures I used  the other day, I made a smoothie.  It’s been 100° around here lately, so smoothies have been hitting the spot.  Plus, we had some strawberries that were on their last leg.  This was a perfect use for them!  Here’s what I threw into the blender for a quick, refreshing snack:

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All about: Chia Seeds


I added chia seeds into my diet a few years ago and love them!  They are a nutritional powerhouse that happens to be extremely easy to include in your daily routine.  Originally described to me as “flaxseeds on steroids”, chia seeds are quite interesting.

They come from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, a member of the mint family.  Chia seeds were a staple in the Aztec and Mayan diets and used by the warriors for strength and endurance.  They are known for being:

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