Friday’s Five

Martin Ray Pinot Noir

Happy Friday!  I’m off to Florida for the long weekend!  Bob and I will be vacationing with my parents until Monday, and we cannot wait.  This little trip comes at a perfect time, as temperatures around here have really dropped lately.  But before I go, here’s my weekly round-up:« Continue »

Friday’s Five


Yay for a 3-day weekend!!!  On Sunday, Bob and I are headed to an annual cook-out in South Bend, Indiana.  It’s always a blast, and we expect this year to be no different.  I can’t wait to relax and spend time with good friends!

So, it’s Friday . . . I think I’d like to start a new tradition.  I’m going to call it Friday’s Five.  Five things I found interesting, funny, or just plain noteworthy.  Let’s have a little fun!

Friday’s Five

1.  I’ve included this quote on the top of my “Class Expectations” handout for 12 years.  I love it.


2. This iPhone case brings back memories (and how clever!).

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest


3.  I received a “thank-you” card in the mail earlier this week that totally made my day.  It was from Janetha, referring to my guest post this summer (about becoming a health coach).  She’s so creative!

4.  I tried this last week (freezing extra avocado for use later).  I’ll report back when I actually take the avocado out of the freezer and try using it . . .


5.  How to separate egg yolks from the whites.  Very clever!  I wonder if it really works that easily!

Do you have any interesting finds?  Feel free to comment and share!  Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

Happy Weekend and some news!


The past few days have been extremely busy around here!  But as a result, I have some exciting news:  In 3 weeks, I’ll be teaching my first wellness class!  So, if you are near Arlington Heights, IL and would like more information, I’ve created a Seminar page on my website.  I’m a little nervous, but so excited!  I’m working with John Anderson at Commuter Fitness to begin offering monthly health and wellness seminars at the gym.  He has been very supportive, and I can’t wait to begin!

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Some Weekend Entertainment


I found the cutest t-shirt while perusing the shops in Estes Park.  It spoke to me.  I had to splurge on it!

We also had another round of Barramundi for dinner (hey, it was still on sale!).  This time, I marinated the fish in a horseradish mustard.  Fifteen minutes in the oven, and our main entree was finished.  We both really liked how this turned out.

As much as I love simple and fast meals, I am starting to look forward to being back home in my own kitchen.  Can’t wait to try out some new ideas–and actually have all the ingredients and tools I need!

And some weekend entertainment for you . . .

My husband brought this to my attention.  I grew up playing the piano and violin, so I thought this was fun!

Happy weekend, everyone!  :)