Soothe Achy Feet and Be Eco-Friendly!


A while back, when my Mom asked for a birthday “wish list”, I suggested finding something I could use to massage the bottom of my feet.

With all the running, biking, and walking I do, I have to be careful to make time to stretch.  Including my feet!  Anyone who has dealt with plantar fasciitis knows what I’m talking about here.

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Colorado Road Trip: What’s That Smell?


I love walking or running the towns we visit when on vacation.  It’s the perfect way to squeeze in some exercise, while seeing more of what the town has to offer.

The other day, while walking along the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs, CO, a pungent smell hit me.  It was like eggs . . . gone bad.  The stench was strong, too.

I kept walking, soaking up the sun, taking in the sights . . . but that smell just would not quit!  And then I came upon the source.

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