Berry Coconut Smoothie


It’s 3:30 pm, and I’m working on the computer when Bob strolls into the kitchen and grabs some almonds.  He walks out of the room, only to return about 5 minutes later.  He says something about researching rims for the wheels on my car, and snacks on a few cherries that are sitting on the counter.  We start discussing the pros and cons of having the old rims repaired versus buying new.  Bob opens the container of pistachios and takes a handful.  He leaves.  I hear him typing for a minute on his computer.  The next thing I know, he’s in the pantry reaching for tortilla chips, saying something about aluminum rims and how long they’re expected to last.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m hungry, but I don’t know what I want.”

Light-bulb idea!  “How about a smoothie?!?”

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie


After making chia gel for the pictures I used  the other day, I made a smoothie.  It’s been 100° around here lately, so smoothies have been hitting the spot.  Plus, we had some strawberries that were on their last leg.  This was a perfect use for them!  Here’s what I threw into the blender for a quick, refreshing snack:

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Simple Apple Pie Smoothie


Smoothies are one of my favorite go-to snacks, especially in the summertime.  They are a quick, easy way to eat something healthy that tastes totally delicious.

By the time we made it back home after the Dirty Girl Mud Run on Saturday, I was hungry and felt dehydrated.  So I grabbed a few ingredients to make a quick, high-protein smoothie.  It turned out to be really tasty!

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