KISS: Flaxseed Encrusted Barramundi

flaxseed encrusted barramundi

I’ve studied dozens upon dozens of dietary theories over the past year.  I’ve heard about the pros and cons to every type of diet.  There’s a study conducted somewhere that will support almost every opinion.  But if there’s one thing that seems to be a common factor, it is the importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in our diets.« Continue »

Friday’s Five

Martin Ray Pinot Noir

Happy Friday!  I’m off to Florida for the long weekend!  Bob and I will be vacationing with my parents until Monday, and we cannot wait.  This little trip comes at a perfect time, as temperatures around here have really dropped lately.  But before I go, here’s my weekly round-up:« Continue »

Friday’s Five: Christmas!


I took a few days off of blogging this week in order to unplug and spend quality time with my family.  Bob and I went to the church I grew up in (near where my parents live) for Christmas Eve mass, and then spent the night at my parent’s house.  We enjoyed a decadent Christmas Eve dinner and went driving to see Christmas lights before heading to bed.  « Continue »

Friday’s Five!


I don’t know about you, but the first thing I wanted to do this morning was get up and get moving!  Yesterday’s Thanksgiving meal was so delicious, that I know I was more than well-fueled for a great workout this morning!  So that’s exactly what I did.« Continue »

Date Night Dinner


Bob and I spent a few days in Paso Robles, CA during our honeymoon (summer of 2011).  What a beautiful area, with vineyards galore!

The other night, Bob and I planned a “date night”, where we decided to pull together a fancy dinner.  We also decided to open our last bottle of wine that was purchased on our honeymoon.  What a fabulous pairing we had!« Continue »

Perfect Sangria


My sister’s and I planned a little surprise party last Saturday.  My parents are now both retired!!  Yipee!  We decided to get the family together to celebrate.  I’m so thrilled for them–they deserve some time to just soak in all that life has to offer after working so hard all these years.

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Grilled Pineapple Chicken Kabobs


Some friends came over for dinner last night; we had to practice our dance moves for a wedding we’re attending this weekend.

I’m serious!

We are in charge of leading the line dance sequence during “Dancing Queen” in the movie, Mamma Mia.  It’s a long story, how this came to be, but hilarious nonetheless, and therefore it has to happen.  We cannot wait to bust this out at the wedding:  (The line dance is at the end of the clip)

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